JK Gamer with white cane by Yoyogi Jotaro

*This game is optimized for smartphones.

You are Kohei Toda who is 24 years old guy.
He wants to make a girl friend, but in vain.
He think it is blame for his low height.
He looks like elementary school student...
One day, he happened to see the JK who brings a white cane.
But she was good at gaming.
He is interested in the girl.
You play his position, and get the girl friend!

*JK stands for Joshi Kosei which is Japanese high school girl.
*A white cane is used by many people who are blind or visually impaired.
*Ver 1.0 (12, June, 2017)
*Ver 1.2 (22, June, 2017)
*Ver 1.4 (17, July, 2017)
*Ver 1.6 (21, July, 2017)
*Ver 1.8 (26, July, 2017)
*Ver 2.0 (10, August, 2017)
*Ver 2.1 (16, October, 2017)
*Ver 2.2 (17, October, 2017)
*Ver 2.3 (20, October, 2017)
*Ver 2.4 (20, October, 2017)
*Ver 2.5 (23, October, 2017)
*Ver 2.6 (30, October, 2017)
Review by undecidedgerm
17 Jan 2018
The machine translation is very poor and makes it difficult to read... I guess I got a good ending, but it was really short! Great interface though!

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Written by
Yoyogi Jotaro

Published 10 Jan 2018