Karen Part 2 by Magic Orange

Part two of Karen takes place where part one leaves off. You begin to adjust to life with Elijah when you and the people around you are put into grave danger- again.

Please leave a review and/or comment. It helps a lot to fix and improve for future games. I'm waiting for a few before I move forward with the series so I know what to change.

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Review by MisterPibb316
23 May 2015
I continue to enjoy the story itself. I am also pleased that this chapter is a bit longer than the first part. But again, there is a serious lack of interactivity here--a good story that needs much more 'game' to it. Seriously, just a couple more links would've *easily* raised this from a 2 star rating to 3.

Review by TheHatMan
31 Aug 2014
God...I love this story. I can't believe I stopped playing it. After playing it again, it was just amazing. I'm going to enjoy playing the next part (seeing as it is out now). Good work sir.


R.I.P. Elijah

Review by Archangelus
25 Jan 2014
I'm rather enjoying these stories you write, although I think you need to do a once over for editing, I noticed a couple spots that didn't quite mesh (fairly minor though so its pretty much fine), but mostly I think just make the next one a bit longer and maybe add a few more options, to make it more of a adventure rather than reading through
(on the other hand its good as is, so I suppose either way works lol)
I think this is shaping up to be a neat little story, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Goodbye and good-luck

Review by celticblue1994
13 Jan 2014
can't wait until you come out with more sad the old man had to die though

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Published 05 Nov 2013
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