Escape this Podcast - Episode 4 - The Model House by James Spaid

** This game was designed by Dani Siller and presented by both Dani Siller and Bill Sunderland in their show, "Escape this Podcast". It has been adapted for interactive fiction game form by James Spaid and DavyB and is published with permission. It is a representation of the adventure played by James and Kay in "Escape this Podcast" Episode 4 - If you do not want that episode spoiled for you, please listen to James and Kay solve the game first, and then try it here for yourself! **

As an aspiring model, you have been asked to appear as a special curveball in the final episode of the country's favorite reality show - "CATWALK - ALL OR NOTHING". Just as you're getting settled into the filming area there is a shriek from one of the contestants in another room. You rush to find that not only is that door locked, but the way you came in is locked as well! It's time to unravel the dastardly machinations going on inside The Model House!

"While the City Sleeps" (Intro and Outro Music)
"Techno Dreaming" (Catwalk Music)
by Eric Matyas

Various Sound Effects from

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Review by victorvortex
15 Mar 2019
A few brain burners in here. Really fun and ran smoothly. Great implementation!

Review by MateoLargo
08 Dec 2018
Great time, completed in 47 minutes with 7 hints. Probably didn't need as many hints but there was alot of items that did not need to be collected so I thought I had more to do. Try it it has a few clever puzzles in it.

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Written by
James Spaid

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 17 Nov 2018
Updated 16 Dec 2019