Day Trader by jmacpher

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making money on the Share Market?

Now you can with DAY TRADER the share market simulation game.

Check past performance. Read the financial news. Buy and Sell Shares. Collect dividends. Follow the financial trends.

Good luck.
Review by GWClass
31 May 2022
As someone that has actually been day trading stock options and futures I would say this game lacks depth.

Mainly due to the fact just about every day trader takes a short position every now and then. But this game doesn't let you do that. Not even to say no day trader is going to care about what dividends a stock pays out. I did in this game because I could tell how the creator of the game views the stock market and how they likely would weigh dividends.

It's also rather short at being 7 days long. This game more accurately shows what long term traders do with taking advantage of trends, war and other events than real actual day traders. That mainly use technical chart reading methods to enter and exit trades.

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Published 13 Jun 2022
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