Aria: Galaxy Police For Hire in Robot Investigations by Jontoon

Aria is a for profit police officer in the distant future. She and her partner Clio have been sent to investigate a possible illegal robot parts smuggling operation on Pallas, an asteroid in the asteroid belt. What they discover there is far bigger than either would have ever imagined. Join Aria as she tries to outwit some of the most dastardly robots in the Solar System.

Aria is a Dragon's Lair style Choose Your Own Adventure with an emphasis on elaborately described, cartoony "deaths." These "deaths" include scenes where the heroine of this quest will likely get flattened, burned, electrocuted, and lasered in a manner similar to that of a Looney Tunes cartoon character. There is only one true "path" through the story, however multiple ending are involved depending on how many "deaths" you encounter.

Mature Audiences only due to suggestive content, language, and some violence.
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Published 19 Apr 2015