Dragon Quest by Jay

Get past the dragon basically this is my 1st game so its not that good.

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Review by FyerEgg
13 Aug 2008
Andrew, you are a complete MORON, try READING!

Andrew, to kill the dragon, you actually need to try and push by the stupidness that you have that comes into play and type "fight and kill"

Clearly you are eather ignorant or just cant read instructions properly...

I played the game and won... a very fun game for a first one!
Great job Jay, dont give up, and keep making games! :)

Review by Andrew Trewin
09 Aug 2008
I don't mean to be harsh, but even my first attempt was better than this one. Typing commands and not using compass commands or the inventory - removing the sidebar, it seems - isn't a good tactic for a newbie at quest.

There is a key under the bed. I can't take it because there is no use for it. Does my Character know that? No. So why not take the key. It could be a magical key that has the power to shoot a massive laser at the dragon, but meh. Whatever.

Next, Even if I take/type the skillup I still can't sneak past the dragon OR fight him, making the game unbeatable.

I recommend making a game with a few rooms, uses the compass, and has items to pick up, etc.


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