Warrior Cats: The Secrets of Adderclan by Roeseii

"Whorlstar, you have only one life, and Waspclan gets more aggressive every moon. Adderclan can't afford to lose its leader!" a tom hissed, his white fur standing on ends.
"If we cannot best Waspclan at our worst, then what kind of clan are we?" The dark brown tabby replied. "You and I both know that Pricklestar cannot be stopped, Heronteeth." She seemed to warn him, her orange eyes gazing up at silverpelt above.
"Bring me Firecloud. I want to speak with her before she leaves with Lynxpaw." Heronteeth would nod, making his way to the small overgrown patch that hid the medicine den. Soon, a light-amber tabby would walk out of the den alongside Heronteeth. "Whorlstar?" The she-cat asked in a timid manner. "Have you had any words from Starclan?" Whorlstar asked quickly, in desperation. The she beside her would shake her head, amber eyes staring up as she spoke "When blood overruns the forest, the heron will rise to defeat the thunder for once and for all..."
Whorlstar turned her head to meet Heronteeth's eyes, opening her mouth slightly to speak before Firecloud's tail raised up to stop her. "And a pale furred cat will beg mercy for a deadly enemy."

0.0.1 - What's new:
- Small grammar corrections
- Small code fix for later versions

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