Did the Butterfly Die? by timespurave

The girl was born to a world that did not want her. Born of a mother that loved, but knew not hope and a father that hoped but knew not love; the girl would learn to live before she could understand what living meant. She would grow within her world, but die a little with each passing second. Tick-tock, she hears, Tick-tock, but she is not afraid, she steps toward the clock knowing she will die. And yet she does not die... not yet... not yet... Fly little butterfly, find freedom, find madness, find dreams; you are born, you live, but life is a lie. It is susceptible to the whims of the mind.

Vanessa lives with her mum and dad at the magistrate; a large manor in the forest. She doesn't much care for her life there and would far rather live in her own imagination. In her own imagination she can escape the depressing reality to which she's been bound. Unfortunately, she escapes to her imagination too often and soon the difference between reality and what she dreams becomes unclear.

The combined world of fiction and fact soon twists Vanessa's mind, leading her down a path that grows ever -dimmer and ever more frightening...

(This Story is Currently in extremely early development stages, no endings complete. Updates are underway.)

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 12 Jul 2014
Updated 20 Jul 2014