The Former by DirkW

The odd tale of a robotic world that was designed to be a utopia. You wake up alone in an abandoned factory, with no reccolection of who you are or how you got there. Unravel both your memory and a tapestry of lies and deceit that populate the so-called perfect world. Note: Some of the game's plot requires a bit of actual thinking to understand.

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Review by Scarey Nerd
16 Aug 2008
This is a great game with an interesting storyline, I haven't completed it but I'm having fun trying. One question: How did you write in the ability to get money (Data Chips)? I can't discover how to despite my efforts.

Review by DarKnight
23 Oct 2005
I found this game to have an outstanding story. I'm a huge fan to the science fiction genere. However, it lacks suspense.
In the beginning, it asks you to type in "Who am I". The answer I recieved was a model number of the robot, and the year it was made, "126". Why is it so early in time? One other thing. Why can't I take the PDA?
Once again, this game is very well done, but it needs more feeling, suspense, and mystery.

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Published 04 Sep 2005

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