Tangled Web by Parabola

While your are on a backpacking trip across the Czech countryside a sadistic billionaire kidnaps your friend. Q. Hanak is keeping him imprisoned in his mansion of traps. Hanak operates above the law, abducting travellers and delighting in their struggles as they try to survive what lies within his house. His laughter can frequently be heard by the villagers as his most recent victim falls prey to his evil. For this reason, his house has become known by the locals as "The Mansion of Laughter."

Can you navigate the perils and rescue your friend Jakub?

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Review by Gamblitz
08 Apr 2019
This was very well done. I've spent 30 minutes on this, dying many, many times. But all in all, it is very well made and i loved the story, 4/5 stars.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 01 Apr 2019