The Darkness Of Houseing Mazes: Prologue by Maciek10

You lost your memory of who you are and why are you here
look for the answers in this creepy house and escape the house

i am sorry if there are bugs i didn't have any beta testers

this is a short prologue so don't expect much

i am from Poland so sorry for any typos

Remastered Coming Soon (Thanks jmnevil54 for pointing all the mistakes i made but will probably skip point 3)

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Review by jmnevil54
09 Sep 2019
For any player attempting to play this game, type "use knife on wallpaper."

Here are a few tips:
1. Write a few clues that the knife can be used on the wallpaper. Something like "The wallpaper is ripping, and looks like it can be cut through." I saw you made one on the look at verb, but it's only one clue. Also, modify the take script of the knife so that a message is printed when the knife is taken, like "Maybe I can use this knife for something." Always give clues for puzzles.
I took a screenshot for doing this.
2. Delete unnecessary verbs like take for objects used as scenery.
3. Make the regular text adventure look like a regular gamebook style. There are a few ways to do this.
I made screenshots.
1. Turn off panes.
2. Turn off descriptions.
3. Turn off panes and/or descriptions with functions.
The problem is, the black and white background and text, along with the verb buttons, lead the player to believe there is nothing more to the game, making them quit. Making the game much more simple looking will make the player think there is more to the game.

Review by DarkLizerd
08 Sep 2019
It's a start... Don't let the rating discourage you...
With practice, you can get better.

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