The Royalty: Amagical Horse University by Losersarenot alive in this realm

The Royalty: Amagical Horse University

The Royalty - Amagical Horse University
Amagical Horse University was a university for horses under the age of 50 years which is 16 years old in real life years.
Basically, if the horse has been here for 16 years they're 50 years in age.

The horses 12 years old (as in if they were here for 12 years in human years, which would make the horses have the age of a 40 year old literally) to 16 years old (the age of 50 for horses) take care of the horses who've been here lesser than 12 years old. They learn how to do things.

The horses lesser than that live in the uni and they learn, too. They are cared for and looked after and given Etiquette classes on how to act in society.

The children ages 12 and under get taught how to do math, etc.

The teens get taught how to do chores, listen to others, etc. and how to have skills. The young adults and adults age 30 and 18 get taught important skills. I use the word ages because I don't want to explain horse years anymore.

Special calu: where I get my horses ages.

It's not just a university game at all...

This doesn't take place in any My Little Pony story version, period.
Nor is it a fanfic of it, it was just a made up story. If the characters are in their style, it's because I used bases and they have a lot of bases made of them. They look nicer to me, too but if I find better looking ones with the matching poses, I'll use it, too.

This was made by Treasure Marie Denise Jackson and GOD a.k.a. Jesus Christ.
It was posted on the date of 3/15/2021
Time: Around 8:07 PM

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 16 Mar 2021
Updated 19 Mar 2022