P.S Don't Screw It Up...Again by LoveBug1992

You found a letter from your always - young grandpa who assumes that your life sucks and wants to help you with life-changing advice
Review by broadwaydude
25 Nov 2021
Gahhh. It’s so funny. I want to rate this higher because it’s such a funny concept and well executed, but the player needs to feel like their choices affect the plot somehow. Maybe have it so that we get an epilogue of Patrick’s life after reading the letter and how some of the grandpa’s advice results in crazy crap (maybe he dies or he just lives a normal life or he becomes rich and famous or something based on some obscure details). I doubt that you’ll be editing this, but I personally would love to see a better version of this!

Review by nammyal
25 Sep 2017
No matter what you choose, you get the same result.

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