Wolfmeyer Bat-Cave by pootmonkey

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01/11/2016 6:49am - starting point, first thing published for this game
04/22/2017 7:30pm'ish - more developed off-line, and published today (which will be my normal way of doing things here). New rooms, items, responses; still no actual bats. And you still can't sit in the chairs, although you CAN stand on them! (Go figure.)
05/01/2017 3:30pm - A bat or bats enter the game next time, I promise, even if they aren't in their permanent places; after all, bats can move :) . But this time, we have working chairs, yay! And a bunch of things cleaned up in the three rooms, even if they're small things or behind-the scenes. Big Happy Thanks to PandaKid103, who got me to make some new changes even as I was already ready to publish the new version. Enough code has been touched that it may be worth going over everything again. There's no promised schedule, but I have a page or two of notes about both clean-up and expansion, just within these rooms. Some existing features may change, so it's worth running through again if it was ever :) . Again, nothing should be downright broken or showing any of the weird error or debug messages from the system or me.


We don't really know what we're getting into by creating this game. We know we are going to use our house as a starting point, and then we are going to add bats -- we LIKE bats! -- and then ... who knows? We're just kids! (Technically, one really BIG kid, working with two littler kids who provide a lot of guidance and ideas.) I told them about text adventures, and how I was editing my copy of *The Hobbit, Redux, The Director's Cut*, and they said, "Neat!" and more words like that. So I asked if they wanted to make a text adventure of our own, saying that I could find an editor to make it easier, and they were all for it! (That's how I wound up at textadventuers.co.uk and with the QUEST editor.) "Bat-Cave" was their first contribution, because I thought "House" or "Home" was a bit boring, and asked if they wanted to call it a "Palace" or "Mansion" or something, and they both screamed "Bat-Cave!!!" (Don't know which shouted it first, but they were in chorus and all over on top of each other -- vocally -- after that.)

I'm leaving this in the Sandpit category, because we are DEFINITELY going to be building this over a long, unknown amount of time. We'll be publishing on-going updates with absolutely no commitment to schedule or deadlines; the one thing we'll commit to is NOT publishing at a point where descriptions or connections are left partly-done. Existing stuff might still be extended later, and new stuff might contain stuff to complement or extend previously-existing stuff, but we'll try to avoid leaving off in the middle of a description or leaving exits to nowhere and so on. The point is that we'll only publish when (we think) we have a new and completely self-contained chunk of progress. (Even when that chunk is just a corrected typo.)

... And finally, that being said, this is likely to remain just a big sandbox for exploration for a long time; and then someday, maybe we'll figure out some kind of "overall point", or some specific goal that we give you instead of letting you decide what seems fulfilling all on your own.

Oooh, by the way, I'm using the Quest editor to build this game, and it's set up to turn things in the descriptions into links, and provide all of the verbs that could be used on an item, and so on. I grew up a long time ago on some of the earliest text adventuress, and we never had HUGE hints about what to do or what to do it to, so I turned that stuff off pretty much as soon as I could. You'll just have to try to figure out what objects are interactive by reading our eloquent prose, and what to do to them by guessing and trying things!

If there's some means for you to provide feedback -- we're new to the site -- then, please, do so, by all means. The BIG kid will be watching for it, at least whenever HE comes back to the site. Comments seem to be it right now, but the website maintainers told us they hope to have more some time coming up. If you have suggestions, can point out typos, let us know where there seem to be actual problems ... anything helpful or amusing ... we'd really appreciate it.

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