Wish Granted (A tiny adventure) v0.3.5 by derginia

A choose your own adventure of sorts.
You get the power to shrink yourself to play out your fantasy of being a tiny to a giantess.
This is my first use of Quest and my first game. Please be gentle.
This game contains adult themes and should only be viewed by persons of legal age in your respective country.
The events, characters and firms depicted in the game are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual firms, is purely coincidental. Although if it was true, that would be awesome!

In the game you can make decisions about what happens, but only to a point. I added randomization to hopefully make each play through unique. Some interactions require you to wait, while others require you to be in a certain area. (i.e. try sitting at your desk when trying to surprise.)
There is no way to die in the game.
I plan on adding additional interactions for each category and perhaps new categories. Depending on how well this version is received.
I am continuing to add additional characters and looking into how they can interact. This may lead to more interesting interactions in the future
I welcome constructive criticism, don't just tell me it sucks, tell me why you did not like it. This way I know what direction to take the game.
oral vore
mild full tour
foot crush

V0.3.5 now released.
Current features:
Ruby and Mia available at the beginning with Sabrina available via Ruby's route.
Added password to allow skipping to Ruby and Sabrina that can only be used before selecting a girl via the computer. (please don't spoil password)
Giantess can be changed via the computer.
Surprise route added with Sabrina. There are currently 3 interaction points, the kitchen, the bedroom, and a random surprise. The girls will go between the rooms and the interaction will be different depending on the room and who's there.
Mia has a new interaction on her route.

Thank you for you patience as I had quite a bit of delays in getting this update out, both R/L and figuring out how to do certain things. It's not as much new content as I would have liked, but I felt this was enough to release instead of waiting another month.
Thank you also for over 11.5k plays!
I'm glad that most have found the game enjoyable and I hope to continue with more content!

As always, please let me know what you liked/didn't like (constructively please...) so I know what to do for a later update.

5-2 bug fix

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Review by shujubao
04 Jun 2019
Best game I ever played.

Review by eziotoon
01 May 2019
Game is amazing but I do think you should add more giantess

Review by AnonymousVoreLover
09 Mar 2019
Holy sh*t this has everything

Review by Jaxter
20 Feb 2019
Definitely the best GTS adventure that I ever played, loved the amount of content there is, and it's lenght is pretty good too, I'll be waiting for the next update!

Review by trom
16 Feb 2019
great work but more feet play ( in-shoe, in sock,) or more cruel giantess

Review by Ava_xxx
16 Feb 2019
Mechanics were pulled off well but not so much for the interactions.

Review by Deadmanwalking41
02 Jan 2019
I love the present content I just think it needs more situations with being eaten

Review by mario.rossi
13 Nov 2018
Nice game! Looking forward for the updates. If it keeps up like this it will deserve 5 stars.

Review by snake bit
06 Nov 2018
Great game

Review by undeadandy
18 Oct 2018
great game

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