How was your sleep? by Fartcloud99

You are Rana. You have a mom and a friend (sometimes even a cat!). You moved to the middle of nowhere, in the middle of summer, and now you live in the middle of a forest. You keep having these, "nightmares". You can ignore them for now, but when your hauntings make you choose between family and friends, things get a whole lot more difficult.

Review by jesusslipped
18 Mar 2024
:) I enjoyed this game

Review by Reagan.David
14 Mar 2024
This game has a few minor mistakes but isn't too bad overall. However, it's pretty boring and not something I would recommend to others. I reached a certain point in the game when it randomly ended, without providing a strong conclusion or leaving me satisfied. I wouldn't say that this game is horrible, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Review by poo9
13 Mar 2024
BEST GAME EVERRRRRRR! I've never read something as good as this. it even rivels moby dick!!!!!! I was always thrown around through different [aths. I don't even know fartcloud99 and I can say that I would be the best friend!?

Review by NHX4jCa3hS
12 Mar 2024
This game places you on an adventure through the nightmares the main character is experiencing. It is on the shorter side but creates a really strong mood. You are playing from the characters point of view from start to finish and you completely understand what Rana is thinking. There are quite a few spelling errors and grammatical things, however it doesn’t affect the game play. It offers some moments of suspense but falls short when trying engaging the audience. The character design is decent however lacks development and detail that truly makes characters memorable, challenging the player to be fully immersed in the story. Overall this game has great potential but struggles to live up to its expectations. Unfortunately I would not recommend this game to anyone.

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