Conversations With My Mother by Merritt Kopas

A brief game about family relationships, in which you can click on words in the dialogue to change them before continuing the conversation.
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Review by Eaten By A Grue
17 Apr 2014
This is a really interesting piece! I'd hesitate to call it a game, exactly, but it sums up the experience really well (though for that reason it was actually kind of uncomfortable to play--those little stabs happen quite enough in everyday conversation already!) I feel like maybe the description needs a little more context; anyone who can emphathize isn't going to find this except by stumbling across it, and the cisgendered are just going to to be baffled by what it's supposed to be without an explanation (as you can tell by your other reviews). I can see this being used as a teaching tool with the right introduction, though.

Review by ThatYoungGenius
17 Apr 2014
What is this..?

Review by norwalis
27 Feb 2014
awful just awful
seriousley you should apologize to america for that one

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Merritt Kopas
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Published 06 May 2013
Listing added 12 Jan 2014

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