Warrior cats: when danger rises DEMO by Warrioroftherainbow

I added a few more scenes, with a fire scene and a naming scene included. Probably the next update will be coming tomorrow (January 19, 2020) or next weekend. Hope you like it!

You are Hawkpaw, a Mountainclan apprentice that will become a warrior this same night. However, during your duties on a border patroll, you talk with Leopardpaw, a friend you have in Swampclan, and she tells you that something strange is happening in her camp. Two unknown rouge cats are staying in Swampclan camp and Swampclan leader, Bushstar, allows them to stay there. You instantly know something is happening, and its up to no good. Things get worst when you discover more secrets, and you know you will have to give it all to save the forest you love. Btw that cat in the logo is Hawkpaw. I did the art, and you can use it if you want :)

Ok so this is a warrior cats game that is not finished, I`ll make more updates soon. This is the demo version, so you can try it out. Remember to leave your comments and reviews below, so that I can know what to fix in comming updates. I`ll leave you the list of the clan you are roleplaying in, and thank you for playing my game!

btw im lazy to write a tom version so this one is for she cats, if you dont mind about the shes feel welcomed to play this game

LEADER: Jaystar: a brown tabby tom with blue eyes
DEPUTY: Spottedsky: a light grey she cat with darker spots
MED CAT: Dawnfeather: a pale yellow she cat APPRENTICE: Reedpaw
BUNNYPELT: a white and grey tom without an ear
OAKTEETH: a brown tabby she cat with green eyes
WINDJUMPER: a white and black tom with long legs APPRENTICE: Whiskerpaw
BRIGHTFUR: a golden tabby she cat
FOXFROST: an orange tom with white paws APPRENTICE: Hawkpaw (you)
RIVERWING: a blueish grey she cat with green eyes
THORNLEAF: a black tom with dark grey stripes APPRENTICE: Breezepaw
DUSKSTEP: a light brown she cat APPRENTICE: Eaglepaw
REEDPAW: a redish she cat with a long, fluffy tail
WHISKERPAW: a black and white tom with unussual long whiskers
HAWKPAW (you): a dark brown tabby she cat with dark blue eyes
BREEZEPAW: a dark grey tom with a fuzzy, long fur
EAGLEPAW: a golden she cat with a destroyed ear
FALLOWSPLASH: a redish she cat with blue eyes

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17 Oct 2020
It's really good, but maybe try and put in paragraphs to make it easier to read. Overall it's a great game :)

28 Jun 2020
AWESOME!!!great job!cant wait for the up date!

Review by scarly woods
02 Mar 2020
This was really good! I can't wait for the update to come. I still have editing to do, but I would love more comments, if you have any, about any mistakes. I take all into countability as I edit everything. Reviews are also nice too. Here is a link to my game that I just updated. :) http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/y0vydyz_yeotyn8ckpvo0w/warrior-cats-game-moonray-clan-part-1-3

Review by BottlecapJazz
20 Jan 2020
All I would really suggest is fixing the grammatical errors (such as not using " to speak/misspelling "patrol"), all else, this is a great game and I hope you keep working on it.

Review by FoxPeltTC
05 Jan 2020
The story telling is really intresting, and the way the characters interact is just awesome. Tho, I think you could have added more scenes to the demo version. Im looking forward to the tomorrow update and good game!

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