the Story of Lion(based n the Warrior (Cats) series by Erin Hunter) by warri0rcats

A story about a lion(name Lion XD) who (in one story) abandoned BloodClan to live in the forest. So far I am not done and, I will try to update weekly. Before you read this, please read the first series of the Warriors series, if you haven't already. Also this is a Warrior (Cats) by Erin Hunter fan-fiction story. Feel free to tell me if I made any mistakes. Also this series won't be continued :/
Review by Hazel_Feather
04 Apr 2021
Not meaning to hurt you but its not that great, but ok, good job.

Review by Warriorcat_●▪
09 Dec 2020
ok uh oooooookk

11 Aug 2020
I don't want to be mean, but it's OK. Grammar might need a fix, and maybe a few bits in the story, since don't you think scourge would be guarded by many other blood clan cats? And even if he is good at sneaking up on others, he'd get scented or heard by sure since there's many cats in blood clan. Other than that, it's good :)

Review by PietroXI
03 Jul 2020
I love it thus far, excellent job!

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