My dreams feel real by zach0ary

I love dreaming, it makes me feel free. What if you shared dreams with others.... what could possibly happen.

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Review by snazzy ray
03 Dec 2016
This sounds like it could turn into a really cool game, but it needs a lot of work. It's really hard to do anything. Also, why does the text box disappear?

Review by MooCow
03 Dec 2016
ok so, cool concept, some tips

- some object descriptions were left blank, this is bad because it makes your game seem lazy
- I liked the skype conversation bit with your friend, but afterwards the text box disappeared and after I went to breakfast the text color changed to a pale white and it was difficult to read, you might want to look into that
- In the beginning, I tried using "john" in place of "friend" as that was his name, but it didn't work. To flesh out the game a bit you may want to consider adding more names for objects, to try and account for whatever the player types. It would make sense that "john" would work instead of "friend" so you may want to add it.

I wish there would have been more because it abruptly ended for me after the breakfast, as I couldn't go anywhere and the text box was missing. All in all, a good first game, keep making them and improving :)

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