French Noir by kyleawhile9

French Noir continues the story of the legendary Travon French, 91 year-old elevator operator for the acclaimed Concourse Hotel and Governor's Club in Madison, Wisconsin. The player takes control of Travon as he performs his professional duties, operating the elevator. The Governor's Club is mostly home to rich, secluded individuals looking for a luxurious temporary home but occasionally things go awry. Not all patrons are law-abiding citizens, and the general wealth and status of the Hotel population tends to attract attention. Travon primarily keeps to himself, although tends to overhear a tumultuous amount of gossip during an average work day thanks to his innate ability to appear indifferent.

During an average day, of an average month, of an average year, the Concourse Hotel and Governor's Club became just a little bit different: a patron was murdered. Mr. Maxwell C. Solomon was found dead in his 7th floor suite on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The crime was reportedly committed late Saturday night, although the absence of witnesses made an exact time difficult to discern. A few days later Travon, embodying his traditional statue-like pose of the elevator operator, happened upon some vital information. What to do with it though, he wasn't quite sure.

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Review by Eliza271
04 Jun 2020
This says it continues the story of Travon French. I'd like to know more about the original story.

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