Taimat Company's AGUABI by taimat715

Go here for the newest version called "SolarSeed!" :) Same premise only this one is going to continue being updated and we're going to spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace soon.


Text-based RPG in a water-based world on an island. Sandbox mechanics, ships that move around with a minimal AI. Buy a ship and sell it, and it will be a assigned a random captain and will continue sailing around! Also some limited survival mechanics and a complex storyline. Play it however you like - from cheating easy (start with $20,000 in the primary town) to extremely challenging (open water with no hope).

Site will link to a version of the game that I regularly update, and I LOVE feedback, bug reports, and suggestions for new content. It's extremely flexible in terms of story and mechanics, so give me some character ideas you might like or a storyline you think would fit.

People have asked for a guide/hints... For this current version you can follow the storyline until you reach a sunset, which is a weird deadend that I don't think works quite the way i wanted it to, but the sandbox mode is infiinte. You will know when you reach the sandbox mode because you will have the option of gathering supplies and making tools.

Beware of the sea! She doesn't take sh!t from anyone. If you are on a boat, your first priority should be to fix leaks! If you get stuck on a little sloop its very difficult to get back to shore. When trying to survive, watch for red warning signs. Sleep does wonders! If you're in a small town, you can sleep at the pub for relatively cheap.

Website: https://db.tt/IiKMfLf5
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/taimatCompany

Thanks all!
Review by Warrior
19 Sep 2016
I Love this!

Its the best Text Adventure Survival Game ive played in a LONG TIME!

Review by Kle33
11 Apr 2016
I guess I need to play more to not die so quickly

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