Lolbits life by Lolbitgamer5055

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This is a fnaf fan fiction with 50+ routes coming your way and fan games also coming. The main story is done but after that for the bonus fan games it won't work.
Characters (mainly):
You(lolbit): a nobel and adventurous person, with all these choices, how does he pick
DB: a sweet and caring girl who has a few tricks up her sleeve
Nightmare: a strong yet, mysterious guy who will always be there to help
Calico: A animatronic like lolbit
Ennard: a suspicious and evil animatronic
I've been working on a sequel as well.
Also thank you for 34 people playing. I love the support you guys are giving me. Also this game will be shutting down temporary for a HUGE and interesting update. Read comments for more info.

?: this is... interesting
?; what is is
?: a gateway.
?; hopefully this will work.. perfectly
?: Yes. Otherwise we might not have a good time
?: how should we do this, Lolbit
Lolbit; your story ■~■♡{¿°~\

*audio failed*
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