Which Describes How You're Feeling by Adam Parrish

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Review by Spottyrules
11 Jun 2022
A really cool concept, some improvements could be better explanation of the rules (do you have to type in capitals for example?) and having progressively harder levels, because I felt that the first few words were already quite hard.

Review by MyToastWasStolen
08 Jun 2022
This is a fun game that requires you to think, and think fast. No time to think, just type what's in your head. GO GO GO! Very nice. Challenging, and I like that. This is a great game. Not all people will like this, as it's quite specific, but it's good for those who like to think. So if it matters, I like it.

Review by chickensalsa
05 Mar 2021
Very fun game. How does it know if a word rhymes?

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Written by
Adam Parrish
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Published 26 Mar 2012
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