Trickster's Home by willj8

After the King has escaped via his escape route (the maze from the first assignment), he has disappeared, leaving the nation in chaos. The player, a new recruit to the King's Guard, has been tasked with finding the king. The only person that knows the king's whereabouts is his elusive Illusionist. Having learned this, the player finds themselves in the home of the Illusionist so that they can have a little chat. However, getting to the Illusionist is not as easy as it may seem.
The game is meant to be confusing but is rather simple straightforward and for the most part can be solved in a handful of moves. However, as the home of an illusionist, the home is meant to trick and frustrate potential visitors, which the player happens to be. There are multiple ways to win finish the adventure, three victories, and one game over. There are slight differences to each of the endings and, while not necessary, it may be fun to find them. The commands are limited to compass directions, which can be shortened to N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, and SW. Other used commands are "get," "use," "use__ on __," "look at," "wait," and "talk." A word of advice, it may be helpful to draw a map or record successful steps.

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