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We were working day and night to try to make a difference in the Jackson community. Trying to give black maids a voice. This can be possible if there is a will. We joined together to write a book that will draw lines between black and white. We got together and revealed all of the stories of domestic servants.
One evening, while we were working in my room, sudden footsteps were creeping outside my room. Minne, sassy as usual, said: “Who’s there.” Before we knew it, Hilly appears gazing at us. Her mouth grew wide, and her eyes shocked as ever. “Skeeter! What are you doing with these two disgusting creatures?” She leaned over to the desk and grabbed our notebook: the notebook that had all the details about the hardships that the black maids endured from the white homes of the south. “Over my dead body if am I going to let you three get away with this! My name won’t be Hilly if I let something like this slide.”
We all looked at each other in amazement and silence. “I am going to take this to the police.” Said Hilly. At this point, we did not know what the next step was going to be. All we knew was that on the next Skeeter received a letter from court. The letter said that we had a court order next week and that the situation was a serious matter.
The week past and it was time for us to face all our anxieties and worries. Hilly showed up with her lawyer, and Skeeter’s mother hired a lawyer for us as well. After going back and forth with tons of questions and acquisitions, the final decision was made. The judge announced that we would have to go to jail and pay for what we had done. The good new was that there was a bail, but for one million dollars. They handcuffed us and took us off to jail. This did not stop us from working on the book. Skeeter wanted us to be strong and to continue what we believed in. After months of struggle, Skeeter’s mother came up with the bail money. We were both jubilant and surprised. We all screamed in joy: “Yes! We are free!” The rate was high due to the fact that Minne and I were Negros. At the end it all worked and we were able to publish our book.
The book was an instant hit. Sweeping the town from south to north. It allowed the white to symphonize with the black. It showed the black and white a different side to whom each of them really was. The book was not only a success because it contained some of the juiciest gossip in all of Mississippi, but also because it had ignited the start of a new relationship between the white and the colored. The mayor was so pleased to witness the birth of a new era; consequently, he hosted a celebration. Pleased by the news, Minne cooked her famous fried chicken and chocolate pie for the entire town. They say food brings people together. Well on that day, the day our freedom was granted, I could assure you that the food truly did bring us all together.

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