Fogged Up Mirror by Cha Holland

A personal look at identity labels and assumptions, from a genderqueer perspective.
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Review by TheProcess
21 Dec 2015
I liked playing it

Review by arislaf
05 Feb 2015
Really nice job

Review by ThatYoungGenius
25 Jan 2015
Such an interesting game. Kept playing and re-playing. Makes you think. Love it.

Review by Kits
17 Jan 2015
i love this expression of the use and futility of labels.

Review by ozziedoggirl
16 Jul 2014
This is beautifully written, and really gets one to think about things like identity... both gender identity and the concept of 'identity' in general. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this way. : )

31 Jan 2014
Great message, something more people should hear.

Review by medusacascade
19 Jan 2014
Beautifully written. You've articulated here things I've been trying for years to put into words.

Review by Carverdude
13 Jan 2014
Words cannot describe how much I loved this game.

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Written by
Cha Holland
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Published 06 Feb 2013
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