Zombie Apocalypse: Part 1 by ChelseaFC13

Your girlfriend of 5 years left you, apparently you didnt fight for her enough. Its been 4 weeks since she left, and 2 since the outbreak. Cities have been taken over by the mass hordes of the undead. With no word from your family, you need to trek across the city, to make sure both your family AND ex are okay.

Comment and rate guys. Ideas, corrections, all are welcome

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Review by mentlegen
21 Dec 2016
not that good it limits what you can do with choices you have 3 and you pick the one you want and nothing you pick the other one and nothing and the one you didnt want you have to pick plus there is not many choices

Review by Stryker
27 Oct 2015
Pretty Decent.

31 Dec 2014
The story was ok. I liked how it told backstories on characters we don't see and some we see as zombies. There seems to be a point or a goal, us the character is trying to accomplish. I liked the amount if choices, but some were limited like the knife one, I felt cheated on that one. Other than that I liked it. Make more please and Thanks for Reading.

Review by Magic Orange
26 Nov 2013
Nice game. It was an interesting start, but it felt a little short to me. There were some grammatical errors and such as well. I also didn't like that if you (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS) check the rifle before you use it, it doesn't fire, but if you check it, it does. It also led you to only one possible ending, but I assume you did the same thing as me in my games, and did that so the next game picks up from the same place instead of multiple different beginnings. The game was described very well and the gruesome details helped it feel like an actually apocalypse. The environment was described well also. Good game and I look forward to the next installment.

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