Soup's Fantasmical Otome Adventure by Bloody-Mar

Soup is a lonely corporate slave in denial. She has no life outside of work, but that's okay cause an angel has come to her with an offer: save the soul of a certain immortal and she will be granted one wish of her choosing. Naturally, Soup jumps at the opportunity. Come, play and decide on Soup's Fate.

Content Warnings: There are A LOT of death endings. As such here are some of the themes and topics covered throughout the game: Suicide, Gore, Mutilation, Body Horror, Violence, Gun Violence, Insanity, Kidnapping, Black Magic, Dismemberment, etc. There is also a lot more, but these are the big ones. If you think you have triggers, this game might not be for you, otherwise please enjoy.

Note: it is much easier to a death ending than the good and secret endings. After reaching a certain number of bad endings, a route guide will open up in the beginning of the game. Also, I finished this in 12 days so please do not expect perfect grammar and spelling as it is a completed game, but I did not have a lot of time to edit it,
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Published 17 Apr 2023