(do not) forget by lectronice

(do not) forget is a slightly surreal tale. It takes place in an isometric world inhabited by cute cubic animals. It is, however, not intended for children. This is a contemplative game, sometimes crude, often absurd, maybe philosophical.

The game is made with Twine, but includes full screen graphics, (very) simple animations and background music. It tells the story of a rabbit trying to understand why his desert island is not desert anymore.
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Review by Pixelina
19 May 2020
I really liked the game. The interface is calming, it has a very pleasant color palette. The dialogue made me laugh on multiple occasions. The development of the story was unexpected, intriguing. The story is well delivered, I like the format a lot. Overall 5/5.

Review by one_sad_ghost
08 Apr 2020
I really liked the game! I can also see the effort you put into the interface of the game itself and how it looks. Great job! :)

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