A Shrunken Business Trip by boons123

Shrunken in an office lady's hotel room on her business trip, you need to explore your surroundings and find a way out, hopefully alive. In the current build there are a limited number of deaths, and one craftable item. Interact with the alarm clock to open up the bathroom. Feedback is much appreciated.

UPDATE 11/20/2019:
Entirely new scene on top of the bed added, featuring all sorts of things. Interact with the front door to open up this option. You can also climb in the dirty panties in the bathroom to access three new deaths involving the woman's clothing. Enjoy.

UPDATE 10/18/2019:
Shower scene added, with deaths you people will hopefully enjoy. A suitcase has also shown up near the woman's desk, which will be elaborated on in the next update.

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Review by TinyFoxy
05 May 2020
Great game overall~ Interactions are spot on and I have a lot of fun exploring all the different ways to meet an ending, your very talented and I can't wait to see what comes in the future.

Review by Duskdraak
18 Apr 2020
Nice game hope you update it soon.

Review by proveyed
30 Sep 2019
Technical issues:
- The stocking has a "tear" option that does nothing.
- The woman's waistband still has a "take" option.
- When at the woman's feet on her bed, the description implies her feet cannot be interacted with, but you forgot to implement the feet.

Grammar issues:
- During the death from climbing her lips, a space is missing between two sentences.

Opinion stuff:
Your game is very good. It's mechanically simple but that's fine, it's just a start and my game isn't much more complex anyway. I have tried to egg people in my Discord into making a game about office women because I love them, so this game is very fricking epic.

The writing is pretty good, the only issue being run-on sentences. I feel like you are capable of making every situation described in this game erotic. Typically people who try to cover a wide range of niches will produce a few that seem uninspired because they, themselves, aren't turned on by said niche. You write everything well.

I very much hope you continue work from here, especially if you grow as a writer. There's several deaths that show you have a talent at writing erotic stuff, but could work with emphasis and detail.

From how you write, as well, I think you might be a fan of my game as well? I write other stories under the name Juliet if you know me... if you do then I hope my praise means enough to keep you working on your game.

Good work.

Review by AzurRanfan
30 Sep 2019
I love this! Descriptions are great and so are the various ways to die.

Review by Ava_xxx
30 Sep 2019
Love the setting and direction the game is going in so far. Especially since it doesn't shy away from certain kinks. Very good writing & punctuation. Looking forward to seeing where the game goes. ^^

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