[VORE] Predator in town W.I.P. by RedOrange

----- 18+ ----

A story about being a predator and consuming prey in whichever way you like. Please feel free to comment and leave reviews with feedback to improve this project.

There is scat, incest, underage characters, unwilling vore and rape in this quest, all are optional
I most likely won't ever add being prey, animal vore, furies, giantesses, or shrinking. No hate to people who like that its just not part of my personal preferences.
Female mode does nothing yet.
~Some options can be dead ends or do nothing!~

Post vore gifs
Full stock photo visuals
NPCs: Mother, father, neighbor milf, neighbor daughter, neighbor father, little sister, little brother, pizza guy, pizza girl, male camper, female camper, Jess, business woman
Situational talking, fucking, and oral or cock vore.
Cum and stomach digestion and multiple way to release your loads.

Please leave a review!

I would recommend downloading the game below VVV
and the quest software here:
The lag is due to the textadventures servers, but its okay if you have it all offline.

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Review by ILV337t9
18 Jan 2020
Keep up the good work

Review by Nix7125
20 Dec 2019

Review by Reaper22
26 Oct 2019
Great game but I think the npcs like the mom could use a better image and some sound effects please

13 Sep 2019
So far the game is great, its really coming along nicely, though it felt a bit cheap that everyone you vored any way was the same, like no specific detail to each prey as an individual as they were vored, unless I missed it XD but also I think it would be an amazing idea if you could have all your prey interact with each other while inside you I mean I had the mom, neighbour milf and daughter inside the stomach at the same time but no interaction at all which kinda sucked and would be a fun little thing to have ^^ Otherwise again great game so far ^^

25 Aug 2019
Excellent work my friend! The stock photos while stock are actually quite helpful for building an environment. I wish you well on future updates!

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