Into The Briny Blue by SJL

This is an adventure-dark comedy game about Secret Serviceman Shane Georgeson on his quest to rescue the President of the United States of America from the clutches of the lost city of Atlantis. My first serious full length game.

Hint: The game only has eleven functional verbs, which can be viewed through the "VERBS" command. You can try nearly every verb on nearly every item in the game and get an amusing response. Don't be afraid to try outlandish/nonsensical things ("sleep on radio", "lower captain", "talk to wall markings", "read gun"). This game is extremely easy, don't worry, there's really no way to render the game unwinnable or anything.

Have fun, let me know what you think.

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Review by Conrad
03 Feb 2013
That was pretty cool. It was entertaining, and thoroughly comedic.

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Published 11 Aug 2011

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