The Cave v0.3.3 by Rett

(It is HIGHLY recommended to download the game and play it offline. Playing it online in the browser is rather buggy and can be VERY slow. You can find the download button on the bottom right of this page, look under my profile picture.)

Welcome to my home! The Cave is a vore-themed text adventure game made with Quest. The game takes place in my own cave, and in the areas connected to it. You can meet myself and various other creatures, get eaten by them, or devour them yourself.

Made by Rett, with some help from Mitryll.
Audio credits go to: Jeschke and ChemicalCrux

If you like my work and want to support me, you can find my Patreon here:
Subscribing to my Patreon gives you access to each update a few days early and you can vote on patron-exclusive polls.

Content Warnings for this game include:
- Oral Vore
- Same Size
- Large Prey/Small Pred
- Small Prey/Large Pred
- Vore Audio
- Player Prey or Pred
- Willing
- Unwilling
- Endo
- Digestion
- Weight-gain
- Reformation
- Fatal

Changelog for v0.3:
- K'gan, a void leviathan
- K'gan's Temple, along with a spooky monolith that will summon the void beast
- Added a currency system (As well as the player starting with some money)
- Expanded Mitryll's shop and dialog
- Added a helpful pact Mitryll will offer you. With this pact, you will always reform after being digested. Without the pact, you will be fatally digested by the next predator (with some exceptions)
- Three new buyable magic scrolls
- Once again expanded the player's descriptive text, further describing the player based on their 'weight stage'. You can increase your weight stage by eating and digesting prey, or using a certain magic scroll.
- Added a way to get Rett's crown without eating him
- Added the Tablet of Appreciation, to thank my supporters
- Added a few new WIP areas for upcoming content: The Bane, Barracks, and two Arena Side Rooms
- The Bane is an arena where the player can make money, assuming they run out
- Increased amount of unique vore scenes: 2 --> 5
- Increased total amount of vore scenes, including variants: 15 -> 23

New vore scenes include:
- Asking to be eaten by K'gan (Willing player prey)
- Attacking K'gan (Unwilling player prey)
- Devouring K'gan (Player pred & unwilling prey)
- For both prey scenes, there are variants for endo, digestion + reformation, and fatal
- For the pred scene, it is digestion-only, and there are variants for reformation and fatal

Changelog for v0.3.1:
- Added a new interaction for hugging K'gan, after you added some weight to their belly
- Bugfixes for K'gan and Mitryll (fixed a nasty soft-lock)
- Getting fatally digested by Rett with the pact is no longer a game over, and leads to some unique dialogue from Mitryll and Rett
- UI changes, including something in the player's inventory to track how many travel sigils they have

Changelog for v0.3.2 and v0.3.3:
- Fixed two bugs for Rett, one that broke his dialogue and got him stuck, and another one that kept looping his digestion scene

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