Zombie Guerra by malikosama96

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In round one, you are in the discussion room where you talk about the virus spread with your mates. You decide to the laboratory room to pick injections to save the infected ones but in the way, you have to pass the hurdles with Paul and Nina. You need to take ammo from the ammunition room and then you have to take first aid kit from the emergency room. Then you enter the first rest room but that is empty and you have no objective there. You enter the forensic lab where you pick up the key of laboratory room then you come across the second rest room. It too does not have any objective. So head towards the laboratory room and unlock with the key you got from the forensic lab and in this lab you need to pick the injections. In round 2, you are given two choices, left and right.
On your left, there are three buildings i.e. theatre, restaurant, and shopping mall. You have to enter them one by one to save the infected ones and kill the zombies. You are asked to enter any of them. If you choose theatre, then on entering the theatre, you find that the theatre is dark, you first have to find the switch to turn on the lights. Turning on the light, you find zombies standing in front of you. You need to fight them or else you will be killed. But still you have three lives as a whole in your game. If you have lives left, you can either continue or exit. In the theatre, you also come across the infected people whom you need to save. After killing all the zombies and saving all the infected ones, you come out of the theatre and then select the remaining of the buildings if any. If you choose shopping mall, then you are given two choices rather to go to the first floor or ground floor. On choosing the ground floor, you are asked to choose directions; straight, left or right. To your straight, you head towards washroom and come across infected people. You need to save them and then leave the washroom. On your left, you have a pizza hut and sports shop. You are asked to join either one. But you have to enter both, possibly not at one time. In pizza hut, you are given menu of both veg and non veg pizza. It is up to you to select any that you like. While you are enjoying your pizza, zombies get attracted towards you. Take action and save your life or else die. Then you move towards sports shop. You see different sport items. You are asked to pick any for hitting zombies. If you choose any ineffective item, you are asked to pick again. After completing the mission you move towards right if you had first chosen the left and vice versa. On your right, there is a lady’s garment shop. It is a dark one, you turn on the light and find infected people. You inject them come out. If you have first chosen ground floor, then you head towards first floor and vice versa. You have stairs, escalator and elevator. You select any of the following means to go to first floor. On the first floor, there are four shops which are toy shop, tuck shop, shoe shop and jewelry shop. You have to enter them one by one. But before entering them you have got to solve riddles and play games. On winning them, you can then unlock their doors. After that you complete your mission in every shop. When you are finally done with both the ground floor and first floor, you come out of the shopping mall. Then you are asked again to enter the remaining buildings. On choosing the restaurant, you are given a scenario. You have to kill the strange creature ad then you go towards the kitchen. You look around and find it is messy kitchen, there is a refrigerator and an oven. You asked whether to look around, turn off the oven or open the refrigerator. Inside the refrigerator, here are food and drink items. You can pick any four. Meanwhile you are resting, zombie comes but you are so tired that you cannot recognize it. You have to pick energy drink from the refrigerator in order to fight strongly the zombies. You can kill them by cutting them with your knife. Then you come out of the kitchen and get ready to enter the first floor of the restaurant. But before, you have to pass the IQ quiz. When you are done with the quiz, then you enter the first floor. You go to the balcony and rest. You have to look around that what is there. You find a washroom and a rest room. When you go to the washroom, zombies are waiting for you. But you are strong enough, you kill them. In the rest room, there are infected people so save them complete your mission. When you are done with all the buildings, game ends with displaying the results of killed zombies and saved people. As our character move to the right he has to cross the bridge and after crossing the bridge a forest comes and when you enter the forest you see cottages and only in 1 cottage that is central in that cottage there is upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs there is a big door and it key is upstairs. And on upstairs there are rooms and a kitchen. In some rooms there are zombies who we have to kill to move forward and in 1 room there is an unhealthy man who needs to be injected. And in 1 room there are lockers and only one of them contains the big door key. Behind the big door there are injured children you help them using first aid kit. And then leave the cottage.
After the cottage there are two ways north and south.
In the north there is a temple a farm house and a pyramid.
In the farm house there are pools a house playground and animals and trees. The character hunts deer with a bow and arrows that he has to find on a tree and kills white tiger if he just wanders in the farm house. In the playground again some zombies come after killing them, character has nothing to do over there. The pools are: Swimming pool and fishing pool.
On the swimming pool the character swims.
While on the fishing pool the character fishes.
And to enter the house the character finds area of polygon. Than inside the house there are five rooms. And only in two rooms there are men who need to be injected. You find them and then inject them. In the middle you kill zombies.
In the pyramid you take a flammable torch with you and in your path scorpions and snakes come you scare them with fire of the torch and then in the middle you have to pick up sword and then kill mummies. After killing mummies in a chamber that you enter you kill zombies and then in another chamber you save man by injecting him. And when you go further inside the pyramid you again fight the zombies and then save another man.
In the temple there is a basement and inside temple where there are idols. On the basement you either use a flammable torch or a battery torch. And when you go in front of you zombies come you kill them and in the passage way in the basement while you go you kill spiders by burning them with torch flame. And in the passage way room there comes an unhealthy man, who you inject.
On the inside temple you fight zombies and then behind three big idols you find an idol having a passage way You go there and fight zombies and kill rats and then you reach to a door that opens in a room full of gold and jewels and you heal a unhealthy man by injecting him.
Now on the south there is a cave and in it there is a lion that you kill and then get a mechanical box from the cave and open that box by entering sadiki game solution. In the box there is a note telling about a treasure in a rakish desert.
In the Rakesh desert you fight a robot serpent for a key and a treasure chest if you lose in the rock paper scissor game otherwise the serpent gives you the key and the treasure chest too.

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