The life of a...HOUSE SPARROW! 2 by SilverStone the dragon

Yay!!! Feathertail is back in..The life of a house sparrow 2! (Play the life of a house sparrow 1, first. I insist!) This time, you, Feathertail, is chill'in like normal until you follow a trail of strange seeds and find a plane ready for take-off! Since you don't even know what a plane is, you hop in to snack on the tasty bag of seeds inside. But suddenly, a human comes along and before you know it, the plane is in the air! your a traveling sparrow, I guess!!! Be careful...your far away from home and need to get back! (By the way, this continues from last time when you SURVIVED not died from a cat) This is a more adventurous game then the last one! If more players comment+ review, then a house sparrow 3 might be coming your way! (I NEVER knew so many people liked sparrows until now!)

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Review by broadwaydude
23 Nov 2021
Pretty good. Epic gamer moments filled in this one. Try splitting up your paragraphs more to make it easier to read. Being a sparrow is fun. Especially when you’re a leopard.

Review by Rafi James
17 May 2021
me and da squad experienced so many epic poggerz moments together. you may think it is ez but it is a hardcour grind i tell you. no u

Review by Tom Le P
17 May 2021
Pog dance move moment with da squad

Review by AmeliaIsShyIRL
25 Aug 2020
i love when u turn into a leopard :3 RAR!

Review by scarly woods
04 Mar 2020
I love how you can have a happy ending and then another where the journey continues. Its like you CAN choose this ending buuuuut heres the better one bc I got another game for you. :)

Review by Em(:
15 Oct 2019
goodfrujovl gt0pfdh[bu
etjrn'[o4ubv-thfdp0x5rin o[g3t5i

Review by lostspirit
26 Sep 2019

Review by
26 Sep 2019
Nice job love it as always
yay keep going

Review by Siena
12 Sep 2019
Oooooh nice game i like this

Review by deng
11 Sep 2019

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SilverStone the dragon

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 01 Oct 2019
Updated 16 Oct 2019