Great Depression Day simulator. by DatBoi321

This is my history project. It is about becoming a snobby teenager who has been dropped into the great depression. I hope that you can see just a glimpse of what a town might look like.
Game Tips:
In the program, you have the option to type. Don’t I didn’t input any commands for the game. There are also specific points in the game where it looks like the screen is blank. I had to do that because if the page got way to long the game would crash. You can still do things. Just look at the bars on the right side of the screen. Enjoy the game!

Time Period:
You are dropped into the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time Period in the US (1929-1940) that everyone was super poor due to a stock market crash. This stock market crash put many companies out of business and many people were unemployed.

Mental Health:
In the game, you will notice that you have a health bar. This is not for physical health, but for mental health. When someone sees and experiences things that they never have, like in your case coming from a rich time period to a poor one, you slowly start to go insane. It is really hard to go insane in the program, but I hope to express to you some of the horrors of the Great Depression time period. So seeing bad things, like poor people in the great depression and how bad it was, decreases mental health. Doing kind things for people increases your mental health because you feel like you are helping and doing something good for people.

I spent a lot of time on this so if there are any bugs, just let me know.

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Review by Omega_Gamer
20 May 2019
Thank you for a great program. There was just an error when I looked at the clothes. Other than that it was really educational and fun to play. Thank you for your hard work!

Review by skull_0530
20 May 2019
This game completely blew me away! This Game is so educational and can really help us learn about the Great depression. It really give me an experience as if I was really there. I also like the physiological implications. Read the description first first time players. It is really good.

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