Welcome to Ponyville- Adding on by BronyPal!

The original game is by Klondikekun, I had no part in the original game.
What I plan to try and do over a long period of time is to add on to what he has already. I'm new to quest and this is the first thing I've done so hopefully looking at what coding he has done will help me into making more stuff to add on to it.
This project is harder than I originally thought :P I'm not giving up yet though. Just expect slow progress, I'm balancing my life with making this and making this is hard so I won't have much time however I am persistent and will try and finish it to the best of my abilities. The only promise I can make is that I will for certain finish the Wonderbolts event, Manehattan and let you be able to talk to all the ponies in the reputation list.

Currently there is that ratio of males to females (Thanks Hasbro) , at this point I thought over this for about 2 weeks I will consider MALE OCs with detailed info. In other words personality, view towards other ponies, talkative or shy stuff like that. Describe how they look too. You can also recommend other MALE characters randomly sprawled out throughout the show if you do please tell me what episodes they appear in so I can look into them, recommended characters are more likely to be in the thing than OCs. Email recommendations or OC entries to [email protected] if you can enter a subject name it character. Only accepting male characters because female outnumbers males.

Suggestions or bugs? post here http://forum.textadventures.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4161

Quick note
The thing that is currently going on for day 14(relationship only event) is only a placeholder until I feel like I should add a small area to talk to people around the event perhaps under a specific time frame, and moving takes time, forcing you to choose who is more important to you, I found reputation areas for Soarin and Spitfire so I will make certain you meet them here because Wonderbolts.

Though not much is updated.. Well I don't think...
I Haven't had time to look at this for a while so I don't know the last things I have done with it
Added an alicorn option for race PLEASE NOTE IT SAYS WIP because its not finished and is only just started
I believe that's all that was really added in this mostly this was released for your opinions on the intro, suggestions and tips on it please :)
Note: I forgot to change the version in the game. IT WAS UPDATED
-Fixed infinite pinkie pie ?reputation?
-Fixed odd Rarity/ Applejack situation
-Began working on Canterlot market(ALL THE MENUS because they are simple and to the point)
-Gym should be in the market(Strength)
-Began the first store in Canterlot's market(dresses will be available once its done)
-Unlocked the 14 day limit :D
-Updated the info guy and to-do list :P
-A hint to who you will certainly meet in the future was added
-Added a train to what will be Manehattan , it is currently closed so it is a waste of 20 bits At the moment
-Fixed issue I made :I
-Fixed map cheaply. Leave a comment about it if you would like to make a better one :)
-Added to-do list upon first entry to your apartment
-Added guy in first town square for info, will update for other info
-Book when you first enter apartment that says thanks to Klondikekun for making the original game
-Random edits to speaking to somethings and looking at them.

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Review by Zax
04 Apr 2016
love the add ons

Review by I love this place!
29 Feb 2016
I loved this add-on and I want to know how you made it.

Review by Lightning Crasher
15 Feb 2015
great Job so far Bron, i was wondering if maybe we can get in contact with each other i can help you with completing this. Just let me know what you think.

Review by Doc1138
22 Nov 2014
Gotta say, I'm liking how this is looking so far. Can't wait to see our foreshadowed friend. Keep up the great work, dude!

Review by Sci-Beam
13 Apr 2014
This is by far the best simulation text adventure I've seen :D
I like how you added updates to it and stuff

Review by J.F. Mug
13 Apr 2014
is rly good

Review by BlazingKritik
10 Feb 2014
GLORIOUS. But, what would be better is.....having romance with the ponies. Ever think about that, Bron? Also, buying stuff for others, like buying books for Twilight, Pets for Fluttershy. Diamonds for Rarity. Contact me if you think that'll work.

Signed, BlazingKritik

Review by cheche
07 Feb 2014
My goodness this is wonderful! Please do keep up the good work! Also i got an extra 'jar of something' :p

Review by Gemflake
29 Jan 2014
This is realy good, wish the original one would be updated...anyhow you have some good ideas so keep it up :)

Review by ZacxradSF
26 Jan 2014
Here is a little start off for your version of klondikekun's game. I hope you have fun with your game! Good luck dude!

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