Prince Alastair and Prince Cadmaell by oli_creator

This is a game I created for a class, I wanted to do more with it, but I just wasn't able to. I was tasked with showing how an RPG could include LGBTQ+ Representation. Here is the story.

Prince Cadmael is a strong warrior. He runs the armies, he knows how to fight. Prince Alastair is knowledgeable, and a great scholar. During this time, they are set to wed, to join their families and kingdoms willingly. Suddenly, their kingdom is invaded and Prince Alastair is taken captive and Prince Cadmael is overwhelmed and falls. However, Prince Cadmael has a trick up his sleeve, Perisa. His fairy guardian. She is able to bring him back, should he fall. After he awakens, he realizes his Prince has been taken captive and that he needs to go save him.

Play as Prince Cadmael as he rushes off to find his Prince so they can be wed and join their Kindgoms!

If anyone likes this, I could flesh it out more and add more choices and more character background elements.
None yet!
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Published 07 Nov 2020