THIEF: The Text Project by charlie_kb

An homage to one of my favourite games of all time Thief: The Dark Project. If you're unfamiliar with the franchise then you should know that it's a game set in a medieval/steampunk world in which you play as the Master Thief Garrett. The objective is to steal an Emerald from Baron Endermere, you'll rely on stealth, but don't be afraid to pick a fight if needed.

I hope you enjoy the game, this is my first ever try at producing any kind of game, so I would love it if you could provide feedback for improvements. Also if anyone manages to break it, could you let me know the steps you took to get there, please? That would be incredibly useful, enjoy

Cheers - Charlie_kb

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 19 Mar 2017
Updated 21 Mar 2017