A Tiny Problem by BountyHunt02

After a failed expirement, you find yourself with the ability to shrink.
Naturally, you'll use these new powers for good, and not to spy on girls... right?

(seriously, this game is just bare bones. I'm just posting so I can get your feedback on the game, and suggestions for situations.)

This is my first game, so if you find any bugs and you know how to use quest, I'd love some advice on fixing them!

Update: 09/23/2020
Added more to Kiara's UB route.
Currently, that's pretty much all there is, but hopefully I'll be adding interastions with Haley soon

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Review by ThatOneReviewer
29 Sep 2020
Pretty decent start and I like the transitions using color to indicate if you are inside of something.
Needs to be fleshed out with interactions and add personality to the characters.
This has a good shot at being something decent aslong as it's getting updated.

Review by Jedirocl04
26 Sep 2020
This is a pretty good start, but too many games just stay a pretty good start. Keep up the good work.

Review by GhostKing12
25 Sep 2020
Really good so far but needs moee content. Hope it will get updated soon.

Review by Qwertguy12
23 Sep 2020
Its off to a great start! Add as much as you can! Some quick endings where the women keep him for themselves would be cool.

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