She Cried Against Strangling Hands by Alex_Dalliance

She Cried Against Strangling Hands is a survival horror text adventure. Delve into the darkscape and unravel the mystery hidden within its immersive environments. Solve puzzles and uncover clues that reveal the grisly story, all while evading a nightmarish horror. The text is accompanied by an expansive soundtrack composed by Vulture Culture. Contains mature themes.

Note: I don't recommend saving in this game because it messes up the music.

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Review by jillybean7
02 Jun 2019
One of the most fun and creative pieces of writing I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time - highly recommend!

Review by LDubBruce
01 Jun 2019
Simply awesome

Review by rawan76
30 Nov 2018
Great job! Every time something turned into a bell I was like "Urrgggg that's so annoying and i'm gonna die now!" This is amazing, nice work!

Review by Chiizorg
27 Sep 2018
As colorful and visceral as I hoped it would be. The music really set the scene. I felt like all we needed was a Jenga tower!

Review by CocoLaVieSamael
11 Sep 2018
This is an incredibly interesting and new concept to me, but I enjoyed it none the less. Dalliance is a hell of a musician and apparently a hell of a story teller as well. As far as the game or quest as it felt like I let myself play as though I were bewildered in another dimension because that's what it felt like, which needless to say ended it early for me. Round two to commence soon!

Review by MalyQ
02 Aug 2018
really enjoying the story so far

Review by ripleathermouth
30 Jul 2018
Really amazing story. The choices were difficult to make at times, which only made it more interesting. The ending was a bit confusing but the unknown factor of it was really interesting.

Review by kase_evernia
06 Apr 2018
Wow. Straight out of your nightmares, this game delivers a fresh hell of suspense, dread, and outright fear. Your choices have consequences and the weight of clicking on is ever-present. The story and music combine for a uniquely immersive experience. I lost sleep sitting in bed thinking about what happened to me over the course of She Cried.


Review by beebles
05 Apr 2018
This is an amazing game. I was lucky enough to get to test this game out ahead of time. On the surface, it is a wonderful game that manages to make you think and keep you on the edge of your seat, which I've always found challenging to do in text. But, much like an iceberg, there is so much more to it, if you're willing to look. How far into the darkness did you go? What did you find there?

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Published 07 Apr 2018
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