The Event Horizon by Craig Berry

A sci fi interactive fiction game

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Review by neleabels
27 Dec 2013
Mhm. I am not impressed. The game is buggy and there is at least one room from which you only can return via the HTML-link, but not using the keyboard. (And what kind of location is "xoy1"?) Where are the vivid descriptions? Where is the feeling of an alien world? The over-sized graphics cannot compensate that. I stopped playing when I stepped into a deathtrap without any warning. This kind of game design has been ostracized by the interactive fiction community years ago - and for good reason.

Review by Silver
01 Aug 2013
The name Event Horizon attracted me to the game as I enjoyed the film of the same title. Unfortunately this failed to live up to its namesake. It started out with promise with a well described location and an illustration. On choosing a direction I was instantly killed by a well illustrated alien, presumably not designed by the game author. Another direction leads to an Arena where a beam rifle can be picked up. Or, rather, a beam rifle can't be picked up. Exploring a little further brings me face to face with another well illustrated alien and a stark choice. I can either go south or do something else. This is where that beam rifle that I couldn't pick up would have come in handy. I go south. And die.

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Written by
Craig Berry

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 11 Apr 2013
Updated 23 Apr 2013

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