On the far blue 1.0 by Odeon

Hello there, this is my second project, its about well your struggle against the mighty powers of nature, and surviving the actions of lunatic's.
It's the 18th century you are on board of a ship...suddenly storm breaks lose.

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Review by Silver
01 Aug 2013
You're on a ship and you have five minutes until it sinks which creates a tensity in the narrative. Once you manage to leave your cabin there's two areas you can explore that are almost exclusively filled with people that don't have much to say despite the gravity of the situation you all find yourselves in. Needless to say, the whole five minutes is swallowed up speaking to these people and the ship sinks and you drown. Interestingly, the author appears to have overlooked the drowning aspect of the code so you're free to carry on the adventure, although this extra boon in time did nothing to further the narrative in any way.

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Published 30 May 2011

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