Ether by brirush

"For the first time in centuries, something is different. Your tentacles tingle as you float to the east past icebergs and whirlwinds. You skirt a pocket of hot air, bounce through a field of ice, and finally come upon a massive stormcloud filling the sky to the east."

A game about a flying cephalopod and its airy world. This short adventure recreates the feel of exploring a world in a graphical game, and uses a 9x9x9 cubical grid. Navigate the world in 26 directions as you collect items and use the properties of your environment to unlock their power. An in-game walkthrough is included, as are instructions for those new to parser interactive fiction, where you type in commands.
Review by snazzy ray
02 May 2017
I love it! very well written! it creates a very clear and beautiful picture in your mind.

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Published 02 May 2017