Fing game by jmnevil54

Adult RPG
Well, my game is an RPG now. I suppose I'll make the best of it.
My official walkthrough/game guide/help guide:
Fing game quest maps.

17+, bad language, violence
Combat, fighting, and stuff.
Average/Dark Humor
Work in progress type game
Warning: Very much reading here. Very much reading alert. I copy-pasted text from the Divine Comedy into this game.
I don't approve controlling and censoring most media for young adults, but I don't know about this one. I made it in a rage; too many f bombs.

I had PTSD. I made a random game.
Anyways... I originally made this to practice a combat code for an upcoming game. Then I thought maybe the people who watch 'Harmful Opinions' (Gamergate figure, Twitch) would like it, but long story short, that isn't happening. So I just thought I could upload it in the adult section.

The Divine Comedy/Dante's Inferno and Purgatory and Paradise

You're in Hell. First circle. Maybe the outer ring, I don't know.

Are you freshly dead or are you an old resident to hell? Do you want out of there, are you looking for revenge, or do you just want to have a good time? It's all up to you.
In this game, you are a working class citizen in hell. The game represents the contant struggles of the average citizen in their life, such as survival, politics, work, alcohol, and sin. No, I did not just make that up. Otherwise Hillary Clinton would not be a harpy.

I made the game to kill, in fantasy, pedophiles (do not Google) Todd Nickerson and Gary Gibson. Then I censored the game and made you shoot Stallin and Hitler, and 3 or 4 different enemies. Overall, there is Stallin, Hitler, Hillary Clinton Harpy, Demons, Humanoid Abominations, and Satan. Each enemy has their own unique color.
As I was saying, I had nightmares for 5 straight days in a row, and possibly minor PTSD. And since I was restarting over with my combat code again, I used that game to express myself.
I can't really say much. If people don't like my game, they don't like it.
And yes, the game does get better, and it will get better over time.

You'll need a textadventures account to save.
Also, it's better if you either play the game slow, or download it. It's a bit glitchy.
Sometimes the game is slow. Wait for it.

I made this to practice code for my upcoming Pokemon game, which I still need help with, combat/battling wise. I need help, [email protected] is my email.

Credit for combat system goes to The Pixie. Thanks for the tutorial.
1. Limbo
2. Pain
3. Hunger
4. Need
5. Justice
6. Truth
7. Survival
8. Self Defense
9. Self Sustaining
9.5. Circle of Hell

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Review by textgamelover
21 Jul 2018
Great and entertaining game! Interesting concept!

I liked the story! What that it? It seemed short.

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