Arcadia Heights by

Teens, robots teachers, bizarre extracurricular clubs and gang wars. A girl tries to make sense of her existence in a school the size of a city-state.

A custom-made evolving world building experiment with new locations and experiences added bi-monthly.

The design approach is inspired by the Kowloon Walled City and curiosity-driven gameplay. The city was a huge block of buildings that randomly grew and evolved until it became a tangled, fascinating mess.
Review by Tylordian
18 Sep 2018
Neat so far :)

Review by Yekko
31 Aug 2018
The game is well put together, its very story heavy but easy to understand. I had fun giving it a go. the way its packaged and the way it unravels itself is nice. I very much recommend this to people. because its generally a story with great detail and writing.

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