High-School Shrinking Problems by hdhdhndns32

You find yourself suddenly shrunk within the walls of your high school.
Your mission is simple, survive, and escape.

Keep in mind as the day continues escape becomes more difficult.
There are also at this stage of development quite a few "fake decisions" meaning some decisions don't impact the outcome.

Any bugs or suggestions should be sent to '[email protected]'.
Anonymous suggestions: https://goo.gl/forms/tyNAIuz6pQpLzbPR2

Temporary public domain image taken by Bhs_irt

You can die while still in school, be careful.

Character's and their Focus.
Freshman Girl - Ass - Smother/Crush (Maybe thighs in the future)
Caylee - Breasts - Breast Vore (Look it up)
Allison - Feet? Stomach/Abs
Mrs. Smith - Violent Death and Breast Crush
Review by Dino_kid01
26 Oct 2019
good game an update would make it better though

Review by Chaos_Jeff
07 Feb 2019
It’s good so far, interested to see more

Review by mikecari
28 Jan 2019
I like it so far.

Review by GR
13 Jan 2019
Not much content yet, but this is a good start. I can't wait to see where this project goes!

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