Live for Rampage or Survive Shrunken by GWClass

Current META status: The development of this project is suspended indefinitely.

Current version has a number of missing parts and some things that were planned to be expanded upon at some point.

Includes a play as giantess path and a play as tiny guy path.

Will you chose a giantess rampage or mere tiny survival?

Version 1.1 update:

- Fills in some of the options

- New objects

Version 1.1.1 update:

- Minor fixes

Version 1.2 update:

- As play tiny route rooms are now labeled in hallways at school building

- New objects

- Other changes

Version 1.21 Update:

- Minor changes

Version 1.3 Update:

- New events in school

- New objects

- Other improvements

Verison 1.35 Update:

- New event and area at school

- New objects

- Other improvements

Hotfix Version 1.35:

- Saving was broken on both the web and downloaded versions. It's been fixed.

Version 1.36 Update:

- New objects

- Finished routes

- Other changes

Version 1.36 hotfix:

- Fixed Gym teacher route

Version 1.37 Update:

- New objects

- Other changes and improvements

Version 1.38 Update:

- A few new interactions with existing girls

- Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.39 Update:

- New objects and areas

- General fixes and improvements

Version 1.40 Update:

- New objects

- General improvements

Version 1.45 Update:

- New areas

- New objects

- General improvements

Version 1.46 Update:

- New area

- New objects

- Minor improvements

Version 1.47 Update:

- New objects

-Minor improvements

Version 1.48 Update:

- General improvements

Version 1.49 Update:

- A few new objects and minor improvements

Version 1.50 Update:

- A walk though

-Three new areas. 4th Area patched to work now and is unlocked.

- Other

Version 1.51 Update:

- Grace now has a vore scene if you turn her boyfriend in and then ask to be swallowed.

- Other changes. Mostly more background non-fetish content.

Version 1.52 Update:

- A minor update with some new scenes.

Version 1.53 Update:

- Bio Lab growth scene added

Version 1.54 Update:

- A minor update

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25 Nov 2023
As good as this is, it is very frustrating that there isn’t any sort of walkthrough for it.

Review by Not_me
11 Aug 2023
One of the best Giantess games if not the best. The consistence of descriptions and variety of interactions are incomparable if put along the lenght of the game. (sorry for the bad english)

Review by MicroWavedRiceCake
05 Apr 2023
It's got good variety and great descriptions.

Review by Lrodshrek
18 Oct 2022
Verrry Nice

Review by Weevers666
10 Sep 2022
Awesome game lol so much content

Review by queesh10000
30 Jun 2022
Game is great, no questions about it. Content wise it took me about two hours (with small breaks, lol) to get to the lab. A lot of unfinished dialogues, and some questionable deaths, wish there was a respawn button so I don't have to reload the game every time, but it's a minor complaint. Game also currently (at least for me, tested on 3 devices) doesn't work through the browser, so only download option works.

Some of the scenes are a lot more fleshed out than the others, but I suppose it will take some time and effort to being them all to the same excellent quality level. Anyway - for work in progress that I hope will continue it's a 10/10, compared to all other text adventures in similar genre.

Review by Argyrhs
23 Feb 2022

Review by Darkshot
09 Feb 2022
Great game so far and I am really enjoying it, also it is great to see the frequent updates, especially with so many games on the site taking a long time to get any updates.

Review by Txtadventurer
28 Jan 2022
Really good, you greatly expanded on what this game originally was and I'm excited to see more

Review by Pipopipa
24 Jan 2022
So far, this is a pretty good game to be honest

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