Freefall by Tinuchi

Will you jump? Will you not jump? Will you warp through time and space or go to Canada to find true love? At this point, it's all in the air. Actually, it literally is. (Yes, the Egg cover was intentional. Do not question it)

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Review by AxisOliveYT
11 Apr 2023
I found love in Canada

Review by COFFEE!
07 Apr 2023
Funny EGG is funny!

Review by Savio
31 Dec 2020
It's alright, I suppose.

Review by AdventurerPhi
28 Oct 2020
Loved it again and again! The writing simply flows and you go along while presented with every choice. Laughed a lot while playing and had a good time!

Review by Analisha
25 Apr 2020
Excelent game! I enjoyed a lot every choice. So much fun!! Very creative!

Review by matchamilk
21 Apr 2020
I love this, it's too fun and sassy!

Review by MasterKC
14 Apr 2020
This game is so realistic. I really wanted to jump without a parachute after playing it!

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 12 Jul 2020